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House Fic: Face to face with your demons

Well since i've just joined I thought i'd bring a piece of fan-fiction i've just finished writing. I had so much fun writing this! I hope you like.

TITLE: Face to face with your demons
AUTHOR: Daphnie_1
PAIRING: House/Wilson (nothing graphic AT ALL, I mean nothing.)
RATING: Pg 13 (swear words)
WARNINGS: Crossover Fic, Houseverse with His Dark Materials Universe (Limited too a single concept, no reading of the books is really necessary) This is an AU fic.
SUMMARY: House and Wilson have Daemons. 
BETA: Magieo5 who is a fantastic Beta and a brilliant writer.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own House or His dark Materials Trilogy, they belong to David Shore and Philip Pullman.
NOTES: As I said in the warnings, crossover fic with His Dark Materials, AU. 

You can read it here at my journal
Tags: fic, house, wilson
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