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every doctor
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Welcome to everydoctor, a community where fans of House MD can put up their feet and chat about the show and its characters.

A few basic rules
1. All 'ships are welcome. Feel free to discuss Anyone/Anyone to your heart's content.
2. Spoilers for recent or upcoming episodes should be placed under a cut.
3. Fanfiction, graphics, essays, recipes, maps of New Jersey, and photos should be placed under a cut.
4. Please no flaming.
5. Any aspect of House may be discussed, but remember that we're all here because we love the show. If you're prone to letting your personal hangups get in the way of our perfectly good fangirl (or boy) squeeing, then you probably don't belong here. Discussion and criticism is fine, but personal rants and character bashing should be left at the door.
6. Stop stealing my socks! I'm serious about this one.

How to join
This community has moderated membership with an admission requirement (Totally painless! Promise of cookies!). If you want to join, go here for more information. If you just want to watch like the naughty things we know you are, click here and enjoy.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the page-a-mod service or email a mod [t_eyla at livejournal.com].