euclase (euclase) wrote in everydoctor,

I'd like to start this community off in the right direction by pointing out that I do NOT have cerebral malaria. I know there have been rumors.

Other far-fetched diseases from which I do NOT suffer:
- Pseudohermaphroditism
- Toothpickincolonitis
- Lupus (sadly, not)
- Echinococcosis ("Gosh, that's a hard word")
- Chimerism (stop looking at me like that)
- the fake one with all the flopping around
- the one where my retinas turn purple and fire laser beams

I imagine a tophat and a deck of medically-labeled playing cards is involved in helping the writers decide who gets the coolest special effects makeup. I personally would like to guest star as someone who's turning into a tree.

The good news is that if you actually work at PPTH and happened to be named James Wilson (or see our tags for more choices), your fortune may be conveniently predicted by whatever crazy batshit rare disease stumbles through the door and vomits blood on your shoes.

Funky Monkeys <--- amusing article about Chimerism

Yumyumyum <--- lovely picture of Robert looking perplexed, and no wonder--his fictional happiness hinges on YOUR rare-ass diseases

Bowling <--- Wiki's entry for Bowling, which has yet to make an appearance on House (petition, anyone?)

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